During Halo 5 sustain efforts, I worked on the Warzone map “Skirmish At Darkstar”. I was responsible for the Colony area in the center of the map. It features a large spaceship being decommissioned and used for scrap to supply the harvesting outpost. Through extensive kitbashing, layout and custom modeling, I authored the majority of this area. Although there was also a great deal of collaboration on the space with fellow artists–Shawnell Priester, Mark Nicolino, and map lead Donnie Taylor.

The following shots isolate the specific area of the Colony that I was responsible for.

A few isolated assets that I modeled and kitbashed during the process–from the ship to most of the surrounding details.

Helped design an animated door and locking mechanism, that players could trigger to add a dynamic element to the play space.

Tunnel routes, added late in design to help provide cover fire from sniping.

An ammo crate I authored (HP > LP) based on provided concept.

Mining/Civilian variation of ammo crate.


WIP–Additional Details to follow (May 2017)

I joined 343 during the middle of production on Halo 5. The majority of my tasks were spent finishing out environments with other teammates. After launch, I joined the Multiplayer Team’s sustain effort.